AZTEC has employed an HSE Senior Coordinator  
AZTEC has employed an HSE Senior Coordinator who will have HSE inspectors working in this group. Each working rig will have the HSE inspector to ensure that the HSE policies of the company will be carried out.
Our drilling crews have qualified with the IADC Well Cap BOP certificate, while the drilling engineers with IWCF Well Control course as Well control instructors.
We are now running safety courses for all AZTEC personnel to comply with the HSE policies, and also teaching the English language courses for all AZTEC field crews and office staff. 
This is an ongoing training program which will be used during the whole time the crews are operating in the fields or in AZTEC yard in Khon Kaen.

 Rig Fleet & Equipment
AZTEC Rig # 18
  • Dreco Sling-shot
  • 4000 m with 5" pipe (5000m with 3 1/2")
  • Hydraulic Top Drive
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AZTEC Rig # 16
  • Ideco H 25
  • 1600m with 5" drill pie
  • Rotary table drive
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AZTEC Rig # 14
  • RMI Brewster Sky-top
  • 3000m with 5" drill pipe
  • 250T Hydraulic Top Drive
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AZTEC Rig # 7
  • Wilson Mogul - 42 Model 500
  • 2000m with 5" drill pipe
  • Rotary Table Drive
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    Work Over & Drilling
Aztec Rig # 10
  • Ideco H 35
  • 4000 m work-over rig
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Equipment List Aztec
  • List of major equipment
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