AZTEC Group has been operating in the upstream petroleum industry in Thailand since 1975 and known as a provider of world class products and services with premises in Bangkok, Khon Kaen, and Lampang.

AZTEC is a member of the International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC), an exclusive representative of the worldwide oil and gas drilling industry. With the commitment to improving safety, advancing drilling technology, and enhancing the training and education of technical and management personnel, AZTEC has earned a high reputation for our ability to provide expert services in all fields of drilling and well services in a cost effective manner.

Using our professional services, AZTEC's clients can ensure that they will get the best outcomes from their drilling projects.



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Recent contracts 2013
AZTEC International Ltd. in 2013 was awarded the onshore drilling by Lukoil Overseas Vietnam B.V.   This is an oil and gas exploration well in Thai Binh, North Vietnam.  Our AZTEC RMI Rig 14 with 250 Ton Top Drive drilled to about 2,200 meters.  AZTEC also arranged for all catering, accommodation, transportation of rig, equipment, crew and subcontractors' for this project as well.

AZTEC International Ltd.  is looking forward to working with major oil companies around the world.

Urgently Require Safety Manager
AZTEC is now seeking for a candidate for a Safety officer to take care of HSE operation together with our HSE Manager for all project sites.

Recent contracts

Aztec International Ltd completed 2 Exploration wells in Miri East, during October and November 2011 for Baker Hughes, on behalf of Nippon Oil (NOEX), with Aztec Rig #14.
Both of these wells were on the East divide of the Miri fault line, in Borneo, and were completed successfully in a short time, with no lost time accidents.

Following that contract, in Jan 2012, Aztec Rig #7 set off to the Northern tip of the Phillipines to drill out the base of an existing gas well which had been plugged and abandoned, at 3014 metres
Tubing was then run, and the well was tested. Once again, no incidents and a successful completion.

Aztec was then called on by Mitra Energy to drill a very sensitive, exploration well in the heart of Bangkok, in March 2012. The environmentalists were out in force, and the rig height was limited to 31m, from the ground to the top of the derrick. The well site was situated amongst multi million dollar elite homes, in the heart of Bangkok, and noise restrictions and spills were of great concern.
In spite of only being able to drill, and rack single joints, this project was completed within 30 days, to a depth of 2499 metres, with no accident, another highly successful operation.

The current projects, as of June 2012, involve 7 wells at The Phimai Salt Company in Thailand, and approx 20 work-overs for the same company.

We look forward to working with all of the major Oil Companies in the near future.


AZTEC has employed an HSE Senior Coordinator

AZTEC has employed an HSE Senior Coordinator who will have HSE inspectors working in this group. Each working rig will have the HSE inspector to ensure that the HSE policies of the company will be carried out.

New Top Drive arrives...

We are happy to announce the arrival of our new Top Drive Unit

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 Rig Fleet & Equipment
AZTEC Rig # 18
  • Dreco Sling-shot
  • 4000 m with 5" pipe (5000m with 3 1/2")
  • Hydraulic Top Drive
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AZTEC Rig # 16
  • Ideco H 25
  • 1600m with 5" drill pie
  • Rotary table drive
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AZTEC Rig # 14
  • RMI Brewster Sky-top
  • 3000m with 5" drill pipe
  • 250T Hydraulic Top Drive
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AZTEC Rig # 7
  • Wilson Mogul - 42 Model 500
  • 2000m with 5" drill pipe
  • Rotary Table Drive
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    Work Over & Drilling
Aztec Rig # 10
  • Ideco H 35
  • 4000 m work-over rig
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Equipment List Aztec
  • List of major equipment
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